Tuesday, August 2, 2016


It's so easy to feel like every single thing is going wrong when, in reality, it's a handful of things. I'm a little emotionally tense today so here goes the list of things I'm particularly not happy with:

1. Computer Issues: I work with a highly specialized and very difficult computer software, and mastering it has opened many many doors for me. However, it's still a buggy software that almost ALWAYS has one issue or the other. I spent last Saturday catching up on the work that I couldn't do due to last week's computer issues, only to end up with some more software issues this week. Ugh!

2. Birthday Plans: I love my birthday and I love to travel but I'm single - and a lot of my friends are not. I had high hopes of heading to Vegas for my birthday with a few of my girls but they have other financial commitments - understandable. I'm now stuck between traveling alone or going nowhere and buying yet another thousand dollar bag with nowhere to carry it to. The whole thing is twisted.

3. Single-as-a-dollar-bill-ness: I'm mostly comfortable in my own skin and with being alone but there are some times where it sucks. See number 2.

4. Expectations: I have told myself not to expect anything from a certain someone but my subconscious is playing games with me. Very annoying.

Looking back at this list, all I have to say is thank God because I have a lot of reasons to be thankful and nothing on here is permanent. I just have to work on lifting my mood.

Steady hoping for the best,



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