Monday, August 22, 2016

Her Story I

She was 15 years, slightly rebellious and ready for love. Armed with the knowledge she had gained from reading several romance novels and watching Sex and the City, she was anxious to feel a deep connection with her Prince Charming.

He was neither charming nor was he a Prince, but he was at least a friend from middle school. He had relocated to London a year ago but they kept in touch through late night chats on msn messenger and sent emails back and forth. They would talk about playing house and doing all these adult things, it was all so romantic.

She landed in Heathrow knowing that this would be the summer to remember. The very next day they had plans to meet up. She lied to her uncle about a sleepover at a female friend's house and he Was fine with it. They planned to meet up at the train station around 8 and head to his flat. His mother, a single mother, was a nurse that worked nights and so they would have the flat to themselves. 

It was a rainy day in London. She set out mid-afternoon and headed to Oxford Circus to window shop and pass time. They met around 8 as planned and exchanged awkward hugs. They walked the long walk from Elephant and Castle to his flat in silence, holding hands. It was a modest, dimly lit one bedroom flat and the living room was his bedroom. His bed was a sleeper sofa, he had a desktop on the table and he didn't have much in the way of clothes. They shyly hugged and his lips found hers. She was overtaken by a need she couldn't explain, clothes came off. He fondled her breasts awkwardly and moved his hand lower and lower, until he touched her core. She moaned in delight and wiggled against his fingers which were gliding in and out of where that intense need was coming from, trying to find some satisfaction. He abruptly stopped and said he had to find a condom. She had a few seconds to think and ask herself if this was it, did she want this. He saw the doubt flash across her face when he returned and asked if she wanted him to stop. She was too far gone, and the need was far too intense for her to stop. She kissed him and pulled him to lay on top of her. He slowly pushed himself inside her and there was resistance and a moderate amount of pain. In and out, in and out. It was mercifully short, he finished quickly and lay on top of her. 

Did you like it?

"Yes", she lied. She didn't have to ask him, she knew he got his pleasure, he met his need.

The next morning she took a shower and flinched as the water made its way down to her core. He walked her to the train station and hugged her tight. So many feelings and thoughts went through her head as she sat on the tube. Would she fall in love with him? Would he tell anyone? She waited to feel regret or love or fulfillment but instead the nagging feeling she had was of deep dissatisfaction...



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